Emily Peck

A Chemist of Quality & Taste

Emily Peck - Senior Chemist

Senior Chemist, Emily Peck has been with MicroCare since 2016. She manages our state-of-the-art Critical Cleaning Lab finding ways to help our customers clean better, faster and safer. Using customer-supplied parts, she conducts cleaning trials using various fluids and procedures. She’ll then recommend the right ones that work best for them and their particular critical cleaning problem. She is a critical cleaning expert and is instrumental in defining manufacturing parameters, establishing long-term testing protocols and developing programs to analyze the results for the specialty cleaning products MicroCare sells.

“It’s really interesting to see all the many types of parts that come into the labs for technical service work.”

Product Development and Compliance

Emily also leads the product development and the regulatory teams. She’s focused on researching and refining brand-new chemistries to see how well they will perform. The performance matrix includes cleaning results, versatility, safety, handling, waste disposal, cost and compliance.

Quality is Key

No matter what project Emily works on, her main emphasis is always on quality. She guides our quality and and manufacturing teams to ensure that every product is properly tested and documented. Under Emily’s guidance, every product will meet the most stringent industry quality and safety standards.

Emily likes the variety of her work. “No two days in the lab are the same. It is a very dynamic environment and there is always something new and exciting happening on our lab benches,” Emily said. “It’s really interesting to see all the many types of parts that come into the labs for technical service work. I am able to learn about many different industries just from the parts that we see in the lab.”

Representing MicroCare

In addition to her chemistry work, Emily often serves as our technical representative at trade shows and she also helps as the lab photo coordinator and model. You’ll find Emily’s pictures in our brochures and on our website, demonstrating how to properly use MicroCare solvents safely and correctly. 

Emily started at Stonehill College and finished at Tufts University with her BS in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. She also earned a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry.

On a Personal Note

Outside the lab, Emily practices a chemistry of a completely different sort – making pies, cakes and cookies. As an avid baker, she combines art, science and magic to create a plethora of tasty treats. One year, she made dozens of her favorite chocolate chip cookies and shared them with all her co-workers at the annual MicroCare Sales Meeting and Company gala. They were melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and completely validated her favorite saying, “life is too short to skip dessert.”

She lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband, Dan, who also is a chemist. The rural setting is perfect since she loves outdoor activities including hiking, biking and running. Emily ran a 5K race – with her mom cheering her on – at the “Race in the Park” event. MicroCare sponsored the race and with Emily’s help, contributed $8,500 to the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative.

Emily Peck