Jay Tourigny

The Man of Many Talents and Hats

Jay Tourigny - Senior Vice President

Jay Tourigny is what you would call a Renaissance man; inventor, marketer, designer and innovator. He has a dozen patents on chemical inventions but never studied chemistry. He engineers new products but isn’t an engineer. He’s a whiz on contracts and trademarks but never studied law. He can drive a forklift, operate a vapor degreaser and run an aerosol packing line. How can one person have all these different skills?

“As long as there is that need for critical cleaning, MicroCare will always be at the forefront.”

One of the First

The short answer is that Jay was one of the very first employees at MicroCare, he started in 1986. Jay has worn more hats at MicroCare than anyone, learning on the job while he actually was inventing the job. Over his 30+ years at MicroCare, he’s been the entire sales force, the purchasing department, half of the factory staff and all of the R&D team. He’s entered orders, negotiated with vendors, hired staff, engaged customers at trade shows, worked the shipping dock and developed most of the amazing products in the MicroCare line.

Continued Growth and Focus

Now that MicroCare has grown and brought on many subject matter experts, Jay has been able to specialize a little bit. Today much of his work is focused on new product development and regulatory compliance and intellectual property matters such as copyrights, contracts and patents. MicroCare is growing fast and Jay is proud of that growth. “There are always new products to develop and new markets to explore,” Jay noted. “Technology is changing at an alarmingly fast rate and yet there is always a need for cleaning. As long as there is that need for critical cleaning, MicroCare will always be at the forefront.”

The TriggerGrip™

Jay is the co-inventor of the TriggerGrip™ cleaning system, which is the single most creative invention which put MicroCare on the map. But he feels the most challenging and interesting product he has developed at MicroCare is the specialized packaging and chemistry used for the Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning fluid. There is far more clever and subtle technology in this package than anybody would expect — it ain’t easy being clean! The industry’s rapid acceptance of this product is proof that Jay did it right — really right.

Supporting the industry is important to Jay, and for a number of years he sat on the Board of the Eastern Aerosol Association, a local industry group. He also worked with the Environmental Protection Agency on the Clean Air Act rules governing the phase-out of ozone-depleting chemicals and the acceptance of new fluids.

On a Personal Note

Jay graduated from North Adams State College in Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Today he lives with his wife of 30+ years, Pat, in their home in Connecticut. They have two grown kids — a son and a daughter, both of whom he is very proud. They also share their previously quiet home with Rocket, their Sheltie dog. Jay has a deep appreciation for anything related to sports cars. He also enjoys racing his 19-foot (5.8 meter) “Flying Scot” sailboat.

Jay Tourigny