Keith Sanducci

Dumpster-Diving with the Music Man

Keith Sanducci - Western Regional Sales Manager

People get a lot from their parents — their genes, their ethics, their outlook on life. In the case of Keith Sanducci, the MicroCare Regional Sales Manager from the Western USA, he even got his career from his dad.

“Every time I do a TriggerGrip™ demo it really opens the customers’ eyes to the possibilities.”

A background in Sales

“I have been involved in sales since 1989,” Keith recalled. “My dad was in industrial distribution for 30 years, mostly aerospace stuff, and I followed him into that company. One of the companies we used to represent, a 100-year old German company, asked me to be their direct sales guy for their abrasives. It was my start.”

Keith has jumped around a bit, career-wise. “The sandpaper market is very rough, so I went into the granite and marble industry, which is almost as hard,” he said with a laugh. “Then I worked with a friend of mine who owned a high-tech laser engraving company and it looked bright. Finally, I met Al Rios and moved to Wassco, and that’s where my electronics career started.”

More Than Just the Lowest Price

The one thing Keith has learned is that success is not about the lowest price. “I think back over all the jobs I have had, it’s always what are your issues, what problems are you having, how can we help?” Keith reminisced. “If you get an order from a company, they kinda liked you. If you get a second order, you didn’t screw up. But if you get a third or fourth order, now you’re making a difference for that customer. It’s your expertise, your packaging, your service, all these good things wrapped up in a very competitive price.”

“I’ve always believed in being innovative and different. Every time I do a TriggerGrip™ demo it really opens the customers’ eyes to the possibilities. But my favorite sales story was with the sandpaper company,” Keith remembers. “There was a huge futon company in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t get in, tried and tried. One day I was there and parked next to the dumpster and I saw it was full of 3M sandpaper. So, I wrote down the size, the grit, the diameter and the other specs, right out of what I found in the dumpster. Then I ordered a bunch of samples from my company, exactly what they needed. A week later the buyer calls and said we need to meet — it’s the best stuff we ever used! That was a great customer for a lot of years.”

The Move to MicroCare

Joining MicroCare in 2015 was a bit traumatic, according to Keith. “I was really nervous at first, having to learn all about cleaning and chemistries,” Keith said, “but Dan [Sinclair], the MicroCare Sales Manager, said not to worry, you’ll learn as you go along. The transparency of the company is great, everybody is available and responsive and approachable. The corporate structure’s not rigid like in some companies. It’s a good environment to be in.”

“I love working at MicroCare. We were at the EIS national sales meeting and they rate all their suppliers. We got rated high on service, on products, and on ease of doing business with us. Our final score was higher than 4 — we blew right through their scale. We’ve got a great reputation and it’s getting better every day. Our new products and promotions are going in the right direction.”

On a Personal Note

Keith also is passionate about music and movies. “My passion for music comes from my parents. Mom liked rock-n-roll, Dad was a jazz guy. This is in the days of eight-track tapes. When I was in trade school studying Graphic Arts, I worked in a record store, the funnest job I ever had. You listen to music all day long, go to concerts at night, how bad a job could it be?”

But Keith admitted the world is changing, and life is changing. “I must be getting old. Do you remember when Starbucks sold music CDs? They had their own record label, their own compilations, for sale in the store. I loved them. Well, I was in line at the Starbucks by my house and I reminisced about that to the barista, and he looked at me and asked, What’s a CD?”

Today Keith lives in Orange County, CA. He’s been married to Fernanda, and for once Keith was buying, not selling. “I had kinda given up on relationships for a while, but you meet the right person at the right time and it opens your eyes,” he said. “We were introduced by a mutual friend and suddenly we’re going out to dinner, we’re talking, and it was the right person at the right time.” They do not have kids of their own but enjoy time with Keith’s extended family that lives nearby.

Today he listens to digital station KROQ2 and satellite radio’s First Wave, who play all the 80’s alternative music he grew up listening to and still loves, even the same DJs. When he has time, Keith still attends concerts and reads up on his favorite artist’s creative motivation and processes.

“I think companies will be happy choosing MicroCare because of the people behind the products,” he concluded. “I’m happy I’m here, and I’m looking to the future!

Keith Sanducci