Sam Lindeyer

The Nerd with the Tattoo

Sam Lindeyer - Chemist

Sam Lindeyer is a Chemist in our Critical Cleaning Lab. Before starting with MicroCare in 2018, Sam wasn’t sure what to expect. Reluctant to draw early conclusions, Sam reserved his judgment but was quickly surprised. His work with cleaning fluids and coatings is challenging and interesting. “Before starting at MicroCare I had no idea what vapor degreasing was. It is a very cool and smart process,” Sam said.

“Despite being a global company, MicroCare is welcoming and treats their employees like family.”

Variety Keeps Things Interesting

Sam creates COA’s (Certificates of Analysis), prepares customer samples and supports the research and quality assurance teams. “I like the variety of the work,” Sam said. “There are always different projects running in the lab.”

The MicroCare Family

In addition, Sam has high regard for his co-workers. “The people I work with are smart and willing to share their knowledge,” he said. “Despite being a global company, MicroCare is welcoming and treats their employees like family.”

Early Inspiration

Sam has always been interested in chemistry. “I had an amazing high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Jacky Paton. She fueled my drive to understand how things work.” Sam is keen on the idea of discovering something revolutionary in the lab and making it function in the real world. “For instance, today scientists are electrolyzing water. Who knows, because of that work we might be able to use water to fuel cars in the future,” he speculated.

On a Personal Note

Sam earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Connecticut. He lives in northern Connecticut with his family. They share their home with a very shy family cat, Carmenjello.

When not in the lab, Sam enjoys spending time playing the guitar or mandolin, fishing or helping out in the family garden. That could be why friends nicknamed him Samwise Gamgee, the gardener in Lord of the Rings. That’s okay with Sam though. Lord of the Rings is one of his favorite books – in addition to Fahrenheit 451.

A self-described nerd who loves chemistry, Sam even sports a chemistry tattoo. It’s a play on the Avogadro constant, the conversion factor for converting grams to atomic mass units.

Sam Lindeyer