Stephanie Wood

Customer Relations Coordinator

Stephanie Wood - Customer Advocate & Team Player

Sales support is Stephanie Wood’s specialty. With her promotion to Customer Relations Coordinator in 2020, it is her job to assist the MicroCare sales team in providing the best care and support for our MicroCare customers.

“It’s my goal to be a valuable resource that our customers and the entire team can rely on.”

A Valuable Resource

Stephanie plays a big role in ensuring our customers receive their orders on-time.  She efficiently processes orders as they come into the Inside Sales office. She also expertly manages all the necessary paperwork to get orders to our international customers across the globe.

Customer Service Expertise

Stephanie worked in the hospitality industry for many years before joining the MicroCare team in 2018, so she knows how to treat customers right. She was named “Associate of the Year” by the Waterford Hotel Group for her outstanding performance.

“That work was perfect preparation for my current role," Stephanie reflected. “Always focus on the customer and provide the fast and efficient service they need.”

A Methodical Work Style

Stephanie describes her work style as “methodical”. She’s a list maker and ensures her tasks are completed based on the importance or urgency required. Her best productivity tip is to start with an easy or enjoyable task first. “This gives me an immediate win and gets the ball rolling for the rest of the day,” she said.

Seeing her “to-do” list dwindle and her processed orders number grow gives Stephanie a real sense of accomplishment. “I put a lot of effort into getting it done and seeing it all work is a great feeling,” Stephanie shared.

Company Team Spirit

Stephanie is pleased that her coworkers share her same work ethic and that they help each other out whenever they can. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks and loves it when others do the same. “MicroCare is a well-oiled machine and everyone works hard to keep their cog moving. My coworkers in all departments are happy to help me when I have a question and bend over backwards to make sure our customers’ needs are met.”

On a Personal Note

Stephanie earned an Associate’s degree from Baystate College in Boston and is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT.

She lives in central Connecticut with her cat, Marceline. “She’s four years old and we get along, most of the time,” Stephanie joked.

When not working Stephanie goes for walks or takes local road trips to visit Connecticut gems. She also hangs out with friends and family or relaxes watching TV (mostly comedies).

Stephanie is a musician, too. “I like to play my guitar; I am currently re-recording all the songs I wrote in high school and college.  It’s a slow process, but very fun!” she said.