Steve LeFebvre

Not Your Average CFO

Steve LeFebvre - Chief Financial Officer

Steve LeFebvre was born in Vermont and grew up in western Massachusetts. He graduated from the American International College in Springfield (MA) with a degree in Accounting and then achieved a Master in Business Administration. His first professional job was as an auditor at what is now KPMG, one of the top accounting firms in the world.

“The key is Integrity. We always take the high road, in all our business decisions.”

Career Moves

He quickly moved to Gerber Scientific and stayed for 13 years; he rose through the ranks to be the Controller of the $500M Sign Technology Division. Then he decided to be “a bigger fish in a smaller pond” as the CFO of a small family-owned company. In 2009, Steve started at MicroCare and now is the CFO of MicroCare and the other Jones Companies.

More Than Just Accounting

Those earlier experiences are very relevant to his work at MicroCare. For example, at Gerber Steve performed not only financial audits but also operational audits, such as assessing the ROI on the R&D budget. Today he is involved in a series of big R&D projects at MicroCare. “I’ve done international work, like establishing an affiliate in Munich, which is just like MicroCare in the UK,” he explained. “I set up a warehouse in Uruguay to provide products to South America. I also spent time in Japan, Europe, and South America, working with distributors, making sure they had the resources they needed to sell our products effectively. It was great experience that prepared me for the opportunities at MicroCare.”

Because of his diverse background and hands-on experiences, Steve is very comfortable offering insights about overall corporate issues, sometimes far outside of financial matters. “People don’t expect the finance guy to have ideas about manufacturing, R&D, or marketing, but I do,” he said. “I have 35 years of experience in high-tech manufacturing. I surprise people in that way. I’ve got a lot more knowledge than just accounting.”

Building Relationships

Steve’s personal style is to cultivate connections with others. He probably has more friends and associates than any other individual at MicroCare. “I like people. I’ve had a long career and a lot of hobbies,” he said. “You develop new circles of friends in hobbies and businesses. Some people walk away from those relationships but I have deliberately sustained them. I stay in contact with folks. It’s as much about the relationships as the business itself.”

As part of Steve’s emphasis on personal networking, he’s involved in community activities. He recently finished a stint as the Chairman of the Wheeler Clinic, which is a health service center in central Connecticut with 900 employees. He’s currently Chairman of the Board of the Hartford Federal Credit Union and serves on the Board of Trinity Health, a hospital provider in New England. “It’s all about giving back,” he said. “I’ve always been proud of what I have given back to the community.”

On a Personal Note

Steve has been married to Patti for 30+ years. “My friends call her St Patricia,” he laughed. “I also like fly fishing, golf and everything outdoors, tending my bonsai trees and vegetable gardens. I just finished making a bamboo fly fishing rod — shaping six pieces of wood by hand, and it took two days just to thread on all the eyelets. Great winter work!”

He also stays fit playing with his local hockey team and is pretty good at getting the biscuit in the basket.

Steve is proud of the growth he has seen at MicroCare. “The key is Integrity. We always take the high road, in all our business decisions. That’s important to me,” he said. “We don’t try to hide anything, and we try to do everything the right way.”

Steve LeFebvre