Steve Playdon

The Customer Advocate

Steve Playdon - European Business Manager, Electronics

MicroCare Europe was lucky to have Steve Playdon join the organization at a crucial time in 2015. With Steve on the team, the company added an experienced sales guy, an expert in electronics assembly, a person who speaks three languages and someone who loves to travel. He’s a perfect fit.

“MicroCare suits me,” Steve said. “I feel like I’m part of an extended family. Everybody gets along pretty well, no huge egos, and nobody’s trying to catch anybody out or trip anybody up, which makes it a nice place to work.” Steve also knows that MicroCare is really good at innovating, which makes him confident of the future.

“The Tergo products are a potential run-away success here in Europe.”

Early Career

Steve started his career in telephone sales, selling plastics. That led him to sales in the print industry and eventually to PACE in the UK, selling soldering systems.

“At PACE I learned a lot about soldering. I hadn’t done any IPC standard soldering, just very rough and ready stuff. It was quite an eye-opener to see all the high-tech equipment that was available,” Steve recalled.

MicroCare Success

Business is good for Steve and for MicroCare Europe in general. “The Tergo products are a potential run-away success here in Europe,” Steve reported. “Another big win happened recently in Poland, where the universities have started using the TriggerGrip™ system. They’re teaching young people the proper way to clean PCBs. It’s a huge success.”

Thanks to Steve’s hard work and dedication, MicroCare is earning even more wins and expanding rapidly in the European market.

Steve Playdon