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Acid Testing — an Essential Process With nPB-Based Solvents

Acid testing is an important maintenance function for companies using nPB in their vapor degreaser. nPB-based solvents can turn acid if  you don’t regularly monitor the acid  level of the solvent; sometimes this can get really nasty. A vapor degreaser that has “gone acid” will actually eat away the internal surfaces of the machine. The acid…

Tech Article
5G Network Reliability - How Training and Tools Help

5G wireless technology has started to infiltrate networks around the world. Estimates are that there will be 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024 and reaching 65 percent of the world’s population. This makes it the fastest generation rolled out on a global scale[1]. This new technology requires the extensive deployment of network infrastructure. It also requires…

How-To Guide
Cleaning Female MPO Fiber End-Faces

This one-page document is a field-friendly 'how to' document explaining the established best practices for cleaning female MPO end-faces. High-density fiber networks are a crucial bottleneck in many network environments, including data centers. But even as high-density connectivity has become THE enabling technology for the cloud, another ugly problem has reared up: the practical need…

Safety Data Sheet
Stereze Hand Sanitizer Wipes – 100 Wipe Tub Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
2.5mm CleanClicker™ 750 Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner Technical Data Sheet
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Are Any MicroCare Products Nonflammable?

Benchtop cleaning fluids must meet a number of criteria to make them viable choices for workers to use. Worker safety is the paramount issue, topping all others. A proposed cleaner must have exceptionally good toxicity profiles due and preferably with no flashpoint. (Of course, the cleaner has to effective, and easy to use, easy to handle,…