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Case Study
Midwest Electronics Company Selects Better Stencil Rolls, Saves Money

A large electronics OEM near Chicago, Illinois was concerned about their stencil printing costs. Despite their best efforts, they observed persistent stencil printing problems which led to increased rework, reduced through-put and added costs. To respond to this situation, and as a general effort of “continuous improvement” they developed and deployed a systematic, reliable stencil…

Azeotropes Explained

This short 'azeotropes explained' video provides a better understanding of what an azeotrope is and what it does to help improve PCB cleaning performance. An azeotropic cleaning fluid lowers your costs, boosts cleaning effectiveness and enhances worker safety. While azeotropes are difficult to make, these strong benefits make the effort worthwhile.

Tech Article
9 Traits of a Good Metal Cleaning Fluid

It is important to choose the best metal cleaning fluid. Today’s demanding product performance requires machined parts adhere to very tight specifications. Parts with complex geometries, awkward shapes, and internal blind holes are now common. While at the same time, customer quality requirements on finished parts remains high.Cleaning these challenging parts can sometimes prove difficult.…

Safety Data Sheet
Stereze Hand Sanitizer – Gel Bottle Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
2.5mm CleanStixx™ Fiber Optic Swabs Technical Data Sheet
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