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For more than 35 years, MicroCare Leads the World in Cleaning Innovation and Expertise

Kevin Marion
From Components to Chemicals to Critical Cleaning
Regional Sales Manager, North Central & Eastern Canada
Eric Lie
Business Manager, Sticklers Asia
Jerald Chan
Managing Director, MicroCare Asia
Heather Gombos
Multi-Talented Business Leader
Vice President, Business Operations
Russell Claybrook
Writer, Roofer and Rugby Player
Regional Manager, South Central
Liam Taylor
The Determined Team Player
European Business Manager, Fiber Optics
Ed Mark
Years of Expertise
Technical Consultant
Joe Ng
Operations Manager, MicroCare Asia
Vince Libercci
The Prime Resource
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Stephanie Wood
Team Player & Customer Advocate
Customer Relations Coordinator
Rick Hoffman
Coach and Counselor
National Accounts Manager, Sticklers
Chris Jones
The Champion of Innovation
Founder, Chairman of the Board
Scott Wells
Award Winning General Manager
General Manager, Europe
Steve LeFebvre
Not Your Average CFO
Chief Financial Officer
Katie Nelson
The Woman in the Weeds
Inside Sales Manager
Jay Tourigny
The Man of Many Talents and Hats
Senior Vice President
Steve Playdon
The Customer Advocate
European Business Manager, Electronics
Dave Ferguson
The Quiet Team Player
Senior Technical Manager for Precision Cleaners
Keith Sanducci
Dumpster-Diving with the Music Man
Regional Sales Manager, Western
Ernesto Pollano
Salt of the Earth Salesperson
Regional Sales Manager, Mexico
Tom Doty
The Competitive Chemist
Quality Control Chemist
Bill Kushner
The Big Picture Guy
Global Product Director
John Hoffman
The Man Who Cleaned Potato Chips
Technical Consultant
Carroll Smiley
A Wealth of Knowledge
Technical Consultant
Dan Sinclair
The Sniper
National Sales Manager
Sam Lindeyer
The Nerd with the Tattoo
Tom Tattersall
The CEO Without a Bad Day
Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Norwood
The Chemist Who Hated Chemistry
Senior Chemist
Brian King
The IT Mechanic
Vice President, Capital Projects & Manufacturing
Emily Peck
A Chemist of Quality & Taste
Senior Chemist & Lab Manager
Venesia Hurtubise
The Serious Scientist with a Sense of Humor
Technical Service Chemist
Rob Lee
The Running "Nerd-Hound"
Senior Market & Technical Manager
Don Phifer
The Hush-Hush Sales Representative
Sr. Technical Sales Representative
Jordan Bartucca
The Inside Sales Person from Outer Space
Customer Relations Team Lead

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