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Heather Gombos

Multi-Talented Business Leader

Vice President, Business Operations

Heather Gombos is one of the icons of MicroCare.  She’s been with the company for decades. She has come a long way from her childhood days of “playing MicroCare office” on Saturday visits to the company with her dad, Chris Jones. She’s done almost every job in the company on her path to becoming Vice President of Business Operations. This dynamism makes her perspective on MicroCare, its history, its ethics, and its future very valuable.

“Many employees started in entry-level positions and through their hard work and dedication, have become invaluable members of our team.”



What it Takes to Get the Job Done

“I performed various functions and worked with many different people throughout the company,” she reported. “I started in marketing and then went into sales. But I also helped in the factory doing things like receiving goods or packing boxes – anything needed to help get the job done.”


Growing the MicroCare Team

Through the years Heather has watched the company grow, but is most proud of the people who have found their callings at MicroCare. “I’m very pleased we have so many people who built a career here,” she said. “Many started in entry-level positions and through their hard work and dedication, have become invaluable members of our team”.


Early Days

Heather officially started at MicroCare in 1994 in marketing and inside sales. However, Heather’s sense of humor and outgoing personality quickly got her promoted to outside sales. She worked with distributors, made end-user sales calls and presented at exhibitions. During her tenure in outside sales, she managed the Midwest region of the US including Mexico.


Heather left MicroCare in 1998 to earn a business degree from Emmanuel College in Boston.
“After graduation, I worked for what is now Oxford Health,” she recalled. “I was the quality supervisor and it is where I learned about health insurance and the importance of quality programs and standardized procedures.”


Making Policies & Procedures

In 2002, she brought her experience and expertise back to MicroCare. “I returned to MicroCare to manage business operations and to head up the newly forming Human Resources Department,” she said. “That quickly led to defining and establishing new procedures, protocols and policies because we were growing quickly and had to make sure everybody was moving in the same direction,” she explained. Heather served as Business and HR Manager until 2010 when she was named Vice President of Business Operations.


A Sense of Humor and Open Ears

Two vital tools Heather has fine-tuned over the years is the power of humor, and the need to listen to everybody when building a decision. “It’s so important to have a sense of humor, at work and at home. And when making the tough decisions, I like to build consensus, get everybody together,” she explained. “I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated”.


Heather is pleased with the positive working environment and the way employees treat each other at MicroCare. “It’s a culture of respect for everybody on our team,” she explained. “We value our people and appreciate their input. It’s still a company where everybody knows everyone’s name. It’s unique and inclusive. It’s a place where people enjoy working.”


MicroCare Cares

Under Heather’s guidance, MicroCare also works in supporting the community. “This year we’re working with the local high school,” she explained. “Young people lack many of the soft skills needed for business today; how to conduct yourself in an interview, time management or when to use a cell phone. Our next generation of workers need these skills to be successful, and we can help them learn these skills.”


However, for all the work she has done at MicroCare and in the community, the single accomplishment she is the proudest of is her family.

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