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Johanna Gray

A Trailblazer that Follows the Rules?

Regulatory Coordinator

Rules and regulations are Johanna Gray’s specialty. As such, you may not have met her personally but you certainly are familiar with her work.

“I now have a deep appreciation for the level of critical clean that is required for so many products that touch all aspects of our lives every day.”


As Regulatory Coordinator at MicroCare, it’s her job to ensure that all the cleaning formulas we create at MicroCare are in compliance with local regulations, such as the VOC-rules in Southern California and the “F-gas” rules in Europe. Most critically, it is Johanna who produces all of the Safety Data Sheets for the MicroCare products — in 13 languages! Johanna spends countless hours diligently scanning emerging policies to confirm our products, labels, and SDS sheets are up-to-date and compliant with local laws, no matter where on the planet. She’s also the one who ensures that we are shipping our cleaning fluids with the proper documentation and labels so that our customers can distribute, store and use them safely.


A Big Project Completed

Most recently, Johanna spearheaded a project to ensure all of the MicroCare products in all our warehouses and labs across the globe were correctly marked with the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) labels now required by regulators. Every box, bottle and can of cleaning fluid was identified and properly labeled to ensure MicroCare is in compliance. “It was a huge project, but it provided a great training opportunity and got the entire company up to speed on GHS compliance,” Johanna said.


Critical Cleaning in the Real World

Before joining the MicroCare team in 2015, Johanna never gave much thought about critical cleaning, but that quickly changed. “I now have a deep appreciation for the level of critical clean that is required for so many products that touch all aspects of our lives every day,” Johanna said. “It’s also really interesting how often what we do here at MicroCare intersects with what’s happening in the news. Environmental policies and regulatory changes across the globe are happening at a fast pace. The industry is changing and evolving so quickly, it’s important MicroCare stays ahead of the curve on compliance.”


An Unusual Path

So, here’s the interesting thing. For someone so focused on following rules, Johanna is actually a little bit of a non-conformist. She challenges the conventional ways of thinking and blazes her own path in life. For instance, Johanna always liked chemistry and decided to study math and science in college, an unusual path for women at that time. But Johanna followed her passion and graduated with a BS in Chemistry from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She also chose to work in a field that has been traditionally, until recently, populated mostly by men.


On a Personal Note

A true Aquarius, Johanna loves being near the water. “The calm sea breeze, the moisture in the air, the sound of the water, it’s all so soothing and peaceful’” she enthused. Johanna also enjoys fishing. Her favorite food? Sushi of course. She often helps coordinate Sushi lunches for a crowd of hungry MicroCare employees right down to the decorations and music.


Johanna lives just a few miles from the MicroCare office in CT. When not at work she spends her time tutoring kids in reading and math. She also devotes her weekends to her daughter, an attorney, and her grandson who loves Thomas the Tank Engine. During her downtime, Johanna enjoys reading Sandra Brown mysteries or working math problems. Give her a polynomial to simplify and she’s at her happiest!

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