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Kim Romano

The Creative Problem-Solver

Senior Inside Sales Representative

Kim Romano is a Senior Inside Sales Representative. She has worked at MicroCare almost from the very beginning. In fact, she is celebrating her 30th year with the company. MicroCare is a family affair for Kim. Her mother, Florence, was also a long-time MicroCare employee. Flo recommended MicroCare to Kim as a great place to work and Kim’s been on-board ever since.

“It’s imperative that we present ourselves in a way that will make MicroCare stand out above all others in this industry.”


One of the First

Being one of the very first employees at MicroCare, Kim wore a lot of hats, working in many departments including production, shipping and accounting. As the company grew, Kim found her niche in the Inside Sales Department. “I love working Inside Sales,” said Kim. “Every day is always different. I might start working on one project in the morning and by the afternoon be going in a whole different direction. These variations are very fulfilling for me.”


Thinking Outside the Box

Having worked in so many other departments gives Kim has a holistic viewpoint that helps her think outside-the-box when troubleshooting customer issues. She digs deep into the details, looking for the best, if not always the most obvious, ways to help customers. The sense of urgency to quickly get customers what they need combined the number and variety of products that MicroCare offers is invigorating and always keeps things interesting for Kim.


Exceeding Customer Expectations

“Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations,” said Kim. “We always try to provide the highest level of customer service possible that will ultimately leave a positive impact on our current and potential customers. It’s imperative that we present ourselves in a way that will make MicroCare stand out above all others in this industry. I believe we are doing just that!”


Kim also enjoys collaborating and brainstorming with her team to develop new ideas and improve workflows throughout all departments. “It’s exciting,” she said. “The departments and the company are always evolving, always moving forward”.


On a Personal Note

Creative by nature, Kim spends her evenings and weekends working on artistic projects including jewelry-making, interior design and fashion consulting at her sister-in-law’s dress boutique. She shares her home in central CT with her husband of 26 years, Ron, their two children – a son and daughter and their “third child” pet poodle. On weekends, Kim recharges her batteries by relaxing at home with her family and friends.

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