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Carrier Fluids for Non-silicone Lubricants are Focus at MD&M Minneapolis

November 6, 2018

The 2018 Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) show in Minneapolis has just concluded. The consensus of the MicroCare team is that it was a busy and successful show. As the most comprehensive medtech event in a thriving industry hub, MD&M had over 600 suppliers on hand to share their expertise on medical device development.

At the MicroCare booth the focus was on Duraglideā„¢ Dry Lubricant that helps speed the assembly of medical devices. Discussions also centered around the MicroCare Carrier fluids. Visitors were surprised to learn that MicroCare offers many options that are not only fast drying but can also deposit a uniform layer of non-silicone lubricant into tight spaces and the hard-to-reach internal geometries of many complex medical devices.