MicroCare Doubles Our Success at This Year’s MDM West Expo

The 2018 edition of the Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) West show in Anaheim, CA has just concluded. The consensus of the MicroCare team is that it was a very busy, very successful and very exhausting show.  The MDM West expo is a massive show with a global presence. It completely fills the 800,00 square … Continued

MicroCare Scores Many Goals at Productronica 2017

The enormous Productronica 2017 Expo has been a very good show for Team MicroCare — perhaps the best Productronica since the financial crisis, and maybe the best electronics industry expo in decades. Visitors were thick on the ground and they had budgets to spend. For example, on Thursday (normally a slower day) the booth was jammed … Continued

Great Precision Cleaning Event in Stuttgart Kicks

The remarkable Parts2Clean Expo kicked off yesterday (Oct 24th) at the Stuttgart International Exhibition Center in southern Germany. This is THE leading international trade fair focused on precision cleaning and MicroCare had a large and highly visible stand at the show. Traffic was very busy. The 2017 event, from feedback from MicroCare staff at the … Continued

The MicroCare stand at Parts2Clean 2017 is a large, bright and busy location.

Quality Improved and Costs Cut by Audio-Visual Equipment Company

A large electronics company in Anaheim, California has switched to Sticklers® fiber optic cleaners for the maintenance of their high-end industrial audio and visual equipment (“A/V equipment”). These cleaning tools made a big improvement in product quality and employee productivity. This company provides industrial-quality A/V equipment to corporations, government agencies and universities. Many modern A/V … Continued

Aqueous Cleaning Costs Explored in New Study by MicroCare

The cleaning experts at MicroCare have just completed a highly detailed study comparing the costs of aqueous cleaning to the costs of vapor degreasing cleaning. This study was managed by Mr. Rob Lee, of MicroCare, and incorporates the latest information from industry sources, customer experiences and equipment makers. “In many companies and regions of the … Continued

Circuit boards often are cleaned in nonflammable, ozone-safe fluids

International Electronics Group Selects Sticklers® Cleaners for “Best Practices”

Starting early in 2016, the Electronics Technicians Association International (“ETA”) will be featuring the Sticklers® fiber optic cleaners in the very first edition of their new “best practices” technical bulletins (“BPB”) distributed to all their members. The reason for the BPB guides is to supplement other industry standards, such as those from ISO, IPC and … Continued

Case Study: Midwest Electronics OEM Develops Stencil Printing Test Protocol

Late in 2015, a large electronics OEM near Chicago, Illinois was concerned about the costs of stencil printing. Despite their best efforts, they observed persistent stencil printing problems which led to increased rework, reduced through-put and added costs. To respond to this situation, and as a general effort of “continuous improvement” they developed and deployed … Continued

Swelling Silicone Simplifies Assembly of Medical Devices, Saving Money, Boosting Quality

Silicone elastomers are widely used in the medical device industry. The remarkable physical properties of silicone — durable, flexible, low cost, structural versatility, resistance to bacterial growth, low extractables and easy sterilization —make it a desirable choice for medical grade tubing and components. But versatility adds complexity. For example, mating complex molded silicone parts on … Continued

Companies Reduce Energy Costs with Vapor Degreasing

Aqueous cleaning is a common and reliable cleaning choice for many companies. But one of the big disadvantages of water cleaning is the cost of electricity. Water cleaning systems use far more electricity that solvent cleaning systems, so companies with vapor degreasers have a cost-saving competitive advantage.

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