ProSpray C-60™ Concentrated Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner

Product Information

ProSpray C-60 is a concentrated EPA registered liquid disinfectant and cleaner for surfaces and devices in healthcare and other settings


  • Meets CDC guidance as an EPA registered intermediate level disinfectant in healthcare settings
  • Disinfectant and cleaner for school, workplace, spa, gym and other settings; meets OSHA requirements if blood or other body soils are present
  • Compatible with most materials and surfaces used in healthcare and offices including countertops, metals, vinyl, plastics, glass and stainless steel
  • Disinfect and clean dental units, vinyl covered chairs and exam tables, wheelchairs, IV poles, infusion equipment and high touch surfaces such as phones, handles, keyboards and remotes
  • Use in instrument processing areas to clean and disinfect devices not compatible with thermal washer disinfection process
  • University tested for effective disinfection of dental impressions and appliances


  • EPA registered for intermediate level broad spectrum antimicrobial action
  • Inactivates many viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens in only one minute; tuberculocidal in five minutes
  • Water based formula ensures effective cleaning and keeps surfaces wet for full contact time
  • Protect valuable equipment and reduce surface damage with alcohol-free (at use dilution), ammonium-free and bleach-free actives recommended by device manufacturers
  • User friendly light lemon scent
  • One ounce makes 32 ounces diluted solution with 60-day use life after dilution
  • Packaging option with 1/2 ounce unit dose packets for easy consistent dilution with OSHA compliant labeled 16 oz. dispenser bottles
  • Intro Kit includes (24) 1/2 ounce unit dose packets, (2) 16 oz. empty spray bottles, (2) squirt caps
  • Less is more - concentrates reduce shipping cost and storage footprint; reusable dispensing bottles reduce environmental impact
  • Ideal disinfection / cleaner choice for large clinics and large volume applications
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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image PSC60/32-1 1 PSC60/32-1 Tip & Pour Plastic Bottle 950 ml 32 oz.
Product Image PSC60/48-1 1 PSC60/48-1 Unit Dose Packets (48) 15 ml 0.5 oz.
Product Image PSC60/INT-1 1 PSC60/INT-1 Intro Kit 15 ml 0.5 oz.
Product Image PSC60SB-1 1 PSC60SB-1 Empty Spray Bottle 473 ml 16 oz.
Product Image CAPSQUIRT-1 1 CAPSQUIRT-1 Squirt Cap
Part Number PSC60/32-1 PSC60/48-1 PSC60/INT-1 PSC60SB-1 CAPSQUIRT-1
Package Tip & Pour Plastic Bottle Unit Dose Packets (48) Intro Kit Empty Spray Bottle Squirt Cap
Size 950 ml 32 oz. 15 ml 0.5 oz. 15 ml 0.5 oz. 473 ml 16 oz.
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Active Ingredient 9% o-phenylphenol, 1% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol
Dilution Ratios 1:32
Odor Lemon scent when diluted
Color Natural color
Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture
Use Life 60 days for diluted unused solution
EPA Reg 46851-1

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet

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