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Duraglide Dry Lubricant Features and Benefits; a Video Demo

The ready-to-use Duraglide™ Dry Lubricant works extremely well on high-speed, high-volume mechanical assembly operations. In this product, PTFE particles are suspended in an nonflammable carrier fluid. Together, they produce a smooth, even coating that minimizes friction between moving parts and reduce actuation forces by 25% - 30%. Duraglide Dry Lubricants are ISO 10993 certified medical-grade…

Medical Duraglide ISO 10993 Certified

The supplier of advanced cleaners, coatings and lubricants announced that Medical Duraglide™ are ISO 10993 certified. Learn more from MicroCare.

How Do Dry Lubricants Improve Medical Device Assembly?

In a perfect world, every component would be manufactured exactly to specification. But perfection drives costs higher so it makes sense to accommodate variations — tolerances —as long as they do not compromise the finished assembly.But there is a catch. If a device features four or five nested components, the components may be at the…

Lubricants & Coatings

Reduce stiction and speed medical device assembly with MicroCare's Lubricants and Coatings. Learn more about our products to see if they fit your needs.

MedTec Shanghai a Huge Success for MicroCare Medical

MicroCare Medical exhibited at Medtec Shanghai, showcasing our end-to-end solutions: precision cleaning to surface coatings to swelling agents. Learn more.

MedTec China is a Big Success for MicroCare Medical

The MicroCare Medical Team exhibited at Medtec China on September 26-28, 2018 at the Shanghai World Expo Convention Center. Learn more about this Expo.

Tech Article
Improve Medical Device Factory Throughput with Advanced, Automated Lubricating Processes

When medical device manufacturers design precision mechanical devices, friction between moving parts can be difficult to manage. Engineers use medical grade lubricants — oils, greases or dry powders — to smooth the movement of parts that slide, shear, twist or pivot. For example, two pieces of titanium alloy rubbing together have a sliding coefficient of…