Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of an item that one does not own but which is entrusted into one’s care.

No company owns the atmosphere; nobody owns the rivers or the oceans; no factory owns their workers. So, in the rush to make a profit, sometimes companies cut corners and stop worrying about the things they don’t own.

Not at MicroCare. Here at MicroCare, we believe we have an obligation that extends beyond merely providing a functional product at a competitive price. We have a duty to help customers improve their quality, lower their costs, improve their processes, protect their workers and avoid damage to the environment. This goes far beyond merely putting a chemical into a pail and shipping it out the door. “Caveat emptor” is not, and never will be, the MicroCare way.

That’s why MicroCare is the world-leader in environmentally progressive critical cleaning, coating and lubricating. We were the first in the world to introduce circuit board cleaners that were completely safe for stratospheric ozone. We also have introduced low GWP cleaners, halogen-free cleaners and VOC-free cleaners. We also were the first to phase-out cleaners containing CFC, HCFC, TCA and methylene chloride, even though (at the time) those products were still legal and profitable.

In short, MicroCare has devised a world-class product stewardship program that focuses not just on developing and commercializing the most progressive cleaning products science can devise, but also educating companies about the best cleaning products and processes, helping then select the optimal product for the task at hand, and then auditing procedures to ensure everyone works safely and profitably.

What Is the Stewardship Program?

First and foremost, the MicroCare Stewardship Program focuses on safety, because a safe cleaning environment also is an efficient cleaning environment.

Product safety training, cleaning fluid selection, cleaning system design and operating training and an on-site inspections are all part of the stewardship program. Depending upon the cleaning application, MicroCare may insist the customer obtain specific types of cleaning equipment or equipment with specific features. MicroCare always will insist on employee training. In extreme situations, MicroCare may refuse to allow a MicroCare cleaner to be used in certain applications. MicroCare will work with company engineers to specify cleaning processes that are well-designed and well-maintained, ensuring proper cleaning, minimizing solvent emissions, saving money and protecting your people and the planet.

Regulatory compliance is another area in which MicroCare assists customers. MicroCare takes great pains to insure the formulations are in compliance with local regulations, such as the VOC-rules in Southern California and the “F-gas” rules in Europe. MicroCare is been totally up-to-date on the introduction of the new “Globally Harmonized System” for defining chemical safety standards. Our products, labels and SDS sheets are all REACH- and ROHS-compliant. MicroCare also diligently scans emerging regulations to ensure the product labels, product specs and SDS sheets are up-to-date, compliant with local rules and include all the information a company needs to use the product safely and properly.

To help companies in selecting a cleaning fluid and process, MicroCare offers a state-of-the-art applications laboratory where customers can have cleaning studies performed. This ensures the optimal cleaning fluid and cleaning process is implemented for each application.

Proper storage and handling procedures also are a focus of the Stewardship Program, because those procedures keep workers safe and avoid short-term overexposure. When appropriate, MicroCare will work with every customer to implement an annual monitoring program to track worker exposure levels.

To ensure that the original plans and procedures are being followed and have been properly updated as the needs of the business evolved, the MicroCare Product Stewardship program strongly recommends at least an annual audit of the cleaning system and its operations.

MicroCare takes this responsibility for stewardship very seriously. MicroCare strongly recommends users satisfy their own curiosity and double-check our facts with thorough research into the products, processes and the competition. Should any person have any concerns about these products, they should contact MicroCare, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.