Welcome to MicroCare and Our Family of Critical Cleaning Products
The Industry Leader for Over 30 Years

Electronics Rework & Repair

When it comes to precision cleaning electronics during manufacturing, rework or repair, the MicroCare family of quality products has the answer.

Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning

When you need perfectly clean splices & connectors®.

Discover Perfectly Clean, perfectly fast, reliable fiber optic networks using the Sticklers® family of cleaning products.

MicroCare Medical®

MicroCare Medical is dedicated to the medical device industry and built on a legacy of chemical engineering excellence. We supply advanced cleaners, carrier fluids, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers and manufacturers.

MicroCare Precision Cleaners

Featuring a wide variety of nonflammable cleaning fluids engineered for vapor degreasing systems, MicroCare leads the industry with affordable, environmentally-sensitive critical cleaning of metals, ceramics, optics, electronics, aerospace components and more.