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The Industry Leader for Over 30 Years

Electronics Rework & Repair

When it comes to precision cleaning electronics during manufacturing, rework or repair, the MicroCare family of quality products has the answer.

Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning

When you need perfectly clean splices & connectors®.

Discover Perfectly Clean, perfectly fast, reliable fiber optic networks using the Sticklers® family of cleaning products.

MicroCare Medical®

MicroCare Medical is dedicated to the medical device industry and built on a legacy of chemical engineering excellence. We supply advanced cleaners, carrier fluids, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers and manufacturers.

MicroCare Precision Cleaners

MicroCare Precision Cleaners lead the industry in reliability, safety, and cost effectiveness. MicroCare is the leader in the high-performance world of cleaning, coating and lubricating. For metal finishing, optics, electronics, aerosspace, medical devices and related industries MicroCare Cleaners has the solution.