Welcome to MicroCare and Our Family of Critical Cleaning Products

MicroCare is the leading global provider of critical cleaning systems, tools, and products. Our Executive Team is populated by some of the world’s most innovative chemists and our expert Sales Team is always available to provide our customers with the highest-quality customer service.

MicroCare is respected around the world for the precision cleaners and cleaning tools that it supplies to the electronics , fiber optics , medical devices and many other industries that demand high-performance specialty cleaning. MicroCare’s products include Duraglide and Swellex for medical applications, Sticklers and Optixx for fiber optics applications, flux and dust removers for electronics applications, and – in accord with our commitment to the environment – green cleaning products.

For over 30 years, hundreds of companies around the world have relied on MicroCare to clean their parts and equipment at the lowest possible cost.

Discover more about MicroCare at one of the many events in which we participate around the world. Take a look at the latest news about our innovations. And – if you’re ready to order – find out where to buy MicroCare products in your local area.

Electronics Rework & Repair

When it comes to precision cleaning electronics during manufacturing, rework or repair, the MicroCare family of quality products has the answer.

Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning

When you need perfectly clean splices & connectors®.

Discover Perfectly Clean, perfectly fast, reliable fiber optic networks using the Sticklers® family of cleaning products.

MicroCare Medical®

MicroCare Medical is dedicated to the medical device industry and built on a legacy of chemical engineering excellence. We supply advanced cleaners, carrier fluids, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers and manufacturers.

MicroCare Precision Cleaners

Featuring a wide variety of nonflammable cleaning fluids engineered for vapor degreasing systems, MicroCare leads the industry with affordable, environmentally-sensitive critical cleaning of metals, ceramics, optics, electronics, aerospace components and more.