ProBarrier™ Environmental Surface Barriers

Product Information

ProBarrier surface barriers are clear disposable single use plastic covers for clinical equipment and surfaces to reduce the risk of cross-contamination


  • Chair Sox are a bag-like barrier designed to fit over the back of a patient dental unit chair or other equipment
  • X-Ray Sox fit over the PID (position indicating device) also known as the collimator or tube of a dental x-ray machine
  • Tube Sox are barriers designed to fit over the handles and controls for low and high volume suction, handpieces, digital xray sensors and intra-oral camera scanning wands
  • ProBarrier covers are ideal for clinical contact surfaces (areas frequently touched during patient treatment) that are difficult to clean quickly during treatment room turn-over
  • Ideal for devices that are difficult to disinfect or clean between uses


  • Chair sox are a versatile 29” x 30” bag with lip-guided entry
  • X-ray sox are 5” x 28” with a bag-like portion to cover the tube
  • Tube sox are 3” x 12” with lip-guided entry and unique adhesive strip to keep barrier in place
  • ProBarriers increase productivity by reducing turn-over time between patients
  • ProBarriers protect expensive upholstery and electronics from stains and damage related to treatment materials and disinfectant chemicals
  • ProBarriers are a visual assurance to patients of a safe sanitary treatment environment
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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image BB-2930C-1 2930C-1 BB-2930C-1 Chair Sox, Box/200 Barriers 74 cm x 76 cm 29 in x 30 in
Product Image BB-0528X-1 0528X-1 BB-0528X-1 X-Ray Sox, Box/250 Barriers 13 cm x 71 cm 5 in x 28 in
Product Image BB-0312H-1 0312H-1 BB-0312H-1 Tube Sox, Box/500 Barriers 8 cm x 30 cm 3 in x 12 in
Part Number BB-2930C-1 BB-0528X-1 BB-0312H-1
Package Chair Sox, Box/200 Barriers X-Ray Sox, Box/250 Barriers Tube Sox, Box/500 Barriers
Size 74 cm x 76 cm 29 in x 30 in 13 cm x 71 cm 5 in x 28 in 8 cm x 30 cm 3 in x 12 in
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Rating NA

Technical Data Sheet

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