ProBarrier™ disposa chain™ Disposable Bib Chain

Product Information

Disposa chain is a single use cloth-like strip with adhesive tabs to hold bib in place over patient clothing during treatment procedures


  • Use disposa chain as a substitute for reusable bib chains with clips
  • Ideal for retaining bibs or other disposable covers over patient clothing
  • Use in dental, medical, and other settings


  • Stretchy cloth like strip is 16 inches, equal length to most bib chains
  • Built in adhesive tabs hold disposa chain securely to bibs and other covers
  • Disposa chain is soft and comfortable - no more snagging patient hair or jewelry
  • Eliminate cross contamination and the tedious cleaning of reusable bib chains with disposable single use disposa chain
  • Economical choice with more strips (300) per box than other brands
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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image DC-0115S-1 0115S-1 DC-0115S-1 Box / 300 Chains 2 cm x 42 cm 0.75 in x 16.5 in
Part Number DC-0115S-1
Package Box / 300 Chains
Size 2 cm x 42 cm 0.75 in x 16.5 in
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Rating NA

Healthcare Infection Prevention