When Cleaning Is Critical, Tergo CFCF Gets the Job Done

The cleaning experts at MicroCare continue to expand their range of ‘greener’ cleaning products, including the Tergo cleaning fluids for vapor degreasing. These innovative cleaning fluids use unique chemistries and clever packaging to help companies clean parts faster, better and at lower cost while meeting ever-more stringent environmental and safety regulations. Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid is a strong degreaser removing oils, grease, and light oxidation from finished surfaces. Because the Tergo fluid is compatible with existing vapor degreasing equipment, it is an ideal replacement for many older chemistries being phased-out due to environmental, health, safety or economic pressures. Equipment modifications generally are unnecessary.

Cleaning with the Tergo fluid is much ‘greener’ and more energy efficient than older systems. Tergo CFCFcleans great, uses less electricity, less floorspace and fewer people. All this means faster, better and less expensive cleaning, without using a drop of water.

Check out this video for a general introduction to the features and benefits of the Tergo CFCF and the other Tergo fluids.