About Us

This is MicroCare

MicroCare and its sub-brands, MicroCare Medical and Sticklers, formulates and blends cleaning, coating and lubricating fluids used in the manufacture and installation of products in the electronics, medical device, fiber optic and metal finishing industries. As employees, we inspire each other to innovate and grow. As a company, we care about the communities we call home. Our products are sustainable, helping protect both people and the planet.


About Us

Since 1983, MicroCare has been a leader in developing specialized cleaning chemicals that eliminate even the toughest contaminants. What started in a small filling line is now a global operation, serving industries across six continents.

Our team of research scientists and chemists are relentless in their pursuit of innovative solutions. From semiconductor manufacturing to healthcare facilities, they work tirelessly to formulate products that surpass the highest cleanroom cleanliness standards.

More than just chemicals, we are committed to care. We care about the health and safety of every person who uses our products. And we care about leading the industry toward more sustainable practices through our MicroCare Way initiative.

MicroCare was founded on a simple principle - to deliver unparalleled cleaning results while prioritizing people and the planet. This ethos is what drives constant advancement in our formulas.

Today, we draw upon four decades of expertise. We leverage strategic partnerships around the world to gain vital industry insights. And we continuously reinvent and reformulate, ensuring our cleaning solutions exceed the toughest certifications and environmental regulations.

We Provide Critical Cleaning Solutions for:  

Electronics manufacturing: Whether it's circuit boards or electronic assemblies, MicroCare chemicals are formulated to thoroughly remove oils, dust and residue from PCBs themselves as well as production, assembly and testing areas. MicroCare electronics cleaning fluids and wipes are ideal for cleaning at every point in the SMT production line including stencil printers, reflow ovens, QC inspection stations and PCB cleaning, rework, and repair areas. We have both the products and the expertise to get your electronics perfectly clean, maximizing their potential and minimizing costs.

Metal parts manufacturing: Parts produced in fabrication shops require the removal of dust, lubricants, oils, binders, and other contaminants produced during the manufacturing process, whether cutting, bending, stamping, injection molding or 3D printing. MicroCare offers a line of precision cleaning fluids to help ensure the production of consistently high-quality and flawless finished parts.

Aerospace and defense contractors: MicroCare critical cleaning fluids are used on armored vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and on other equipment used under the most extreme conditions. MicroCare specialty fluids are used at repair depots, and by the original manufacturers to ensure their parts and components meet the stringent demands of defense and aerospace applications. 

Medical device makers: MicroCare Medical cleaning, coating and lubricating fluids are safe and effective for manufacturing floors and in cleanroom environments. In the realm of medical device manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. MicroCare Medical critical cleaning fluids speed the assembly process, expedite production, and simplify stringent validation requirements. With a focus on innovation, products such as Swellex™ and Duraglide™ critical cleaning fluids, along with advanced cleaning and carrier fluids, ensure that device manufacturers can achieve new heights of speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Fiber optic installers: End face and splice cleanliness are of utmost importance to ensure flawless signal performance in communication networks and data transmission. The Sticklers line of fiber optic tools and fluids are engineered to clean any fiber optic connector in any size, in any configuration, anywhere in the world for unmatched fiber optic network performance. 

Auto manufacturers: In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, MicroCare critical cleaning fluids ensure that every component meets the highest standards of cleanliness, contributing to the production of vehicles that are not only powerful but also dependable and enduring. From engine parts to electronics, fiber optic systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, and beyond, MicroCare's cutting-edge solutions ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and performance.

Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, surgical centers, medical device manufacturers and more turn to Microcare for safe, highly effective solutions to clean and disinfect equipment, surfaces, and facilities against dangerous pathogens MicroCare provides fluids for everything from surface disinfection to instrument cleaning and packaging. They help protect patients and healthcare providers while extending the life of expensive tools and equipment. From defending against viruses and bacteria to managing sharps and biohazard waste, MicroCare has the fluids, tools, and expertise to help you build your infection prevention program. 

Commercial maintenance providers: Spanning many industries, the MicroCare industrial line of products is designed or resellers targeting the pool and spa, marine, construction, commercial building, facility maintenance and masonry markets. With our biodegradable formulations, strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and full compliance with all NSF certification standards and FDA and EPA regulations, you can be confident that only the safest and highest quality products are delivered to your distribution facility.

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities: MicroCare chemicals are crucial for cleaning tools, wafer processing equipment and other components in chip fabrication plants. Even tiny particles could cause microchip defects.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants: Stringent purity levels must be maintained throughout drug development and production lines. MicroCare helps ensure facilities remain free of contaminants.

BioTech laboratories: Research spaces require pristine cleaning to prevent cross-contamination and support sterile workflows. MicroCare offers chemical solutions ideal for high-containment biotech facilities.

Whether your needs involve industrial or healthcare facilities, MicroCare has the specialized cleaning solutions to keep your critical spaces and critical parts pristine. Partner with us and gain more than chemicals - gain total confidence in the products that protect your most important assets.