Opteon™ | Vertrel™



Opteon™ and Vertrel™ specialty fluids from Chemours are commonly used in a variety of industries including defense, electronics, aerospace, optics and medical device manufacturing.

They deliver consistent cleaning performance and have good environmental properties. Their low global warning potential (GWP) means they are accepted by key government and regulatory agencies in the US and many other countries across the globe. 

Both Opteon™ and Vertrel™ Specialty Fluids are used in vapor degreasing operations to clean light and heavy soils, oxygen system cleaning and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) defluxing.

They are also used to carry and deposit lubricant onto substrates, leaving an even coating behind. Opteon™ and Vertrel™ specialty fluids are also used for drying in jewelry and watchmaking as well as automotive tool manufacturing. Parts are dried using the specialty fluids after aqueous cleaning operations, eliminating the need for blowers, hot air knives or tumble drying.