Application Experts

Nobody Knows More About Critical Cleaning

The MicroCare team of applications specialists helps you get the critical cleaning answers you need at a price you can afford. Our Field Engineers and Chemists are eager to share their knowledge and to provide you with the right processes and chemistries, all while never losing sight of your costs and investments. Through on-site consultation and in-lab cleaning trials, we help you identify the best cleaning fluid for your perfectly cleaned parts.

Troubleshooting Your Fluids & Processes

If your old cleaning solvents or methods are no longer effective, if your contamination has changed, or your standards have evolved, our team of application experts can help.

  • MicroCare Application Experts conduct a comprehensive audit of your current cleaning process
  • Perform cleaning tests at our lab on your parts with various chemistries and procedures
  • MicroCare Chemists recommend the best cleaning fluid and process improvements to achieve the lowest cost-per-part-cleaned
  • Before any changes are made, MicroCare Application Specialists run "pilot” tests at your facility with your cleaning fluids, equipment, and staff
  • MicroCare Application Specialists periodically check in with you to ensure your cleaning process remains stable, safe and cost-effective over the years

Transitioning to a Safer Solvent

If regulators are eliminating your old style solvents, MicroCare Application Specialists can help you convert from ineffective or dangerous solvents like nPB, TCE or Perc to newer, better, safer compliant alternatives. We'll help you select a new cleaning fluid and ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Here is how the program works:

  • MicroCare application specialists collect information about your current cleaning solvents, processes, requirements, materials of construction, soils, cleaning equipment and other relevant details
  • Your parts are test-cleaned at the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab, documenting each step so the process can be easily reproduced
  • MicroCare provides you with a documented recommendation for an improved replacement cleaning fluid
  • MicroCare gives you conversion timeline which minimizes downtime and ensures the transition will be complete as quickly as possible
  • Finally, when the conversion begins, MicroCare follows up with on-site technical support to ensure the new fluid and process are helping to lower your cleaning costs, improve your worker safety and protect the environment

Benchtop Cleaning Help

If your benchtop cleaning process is no longer giving you the results it used to, MicroCare can help. Our team of experts will review your current contaminants, methods and cleaning fluids to find the root of the problem. From there they will present their findings and offer you potential answers to get you up and running at optimal levels again.

Download the Benchtop Cleaning Questionnaire to get started.

Vapor Degreasing Help

If your vapor degreasing process is no longer effective MicroCare can help. Our application specialists will review your soils, current methods and existing solvent to find the your issues. From there they will present their findings and offer you potential solutions for effective, relaible cleaning.

Download the Vapor Degreasing Cleaning Questionnaire to get started.

Better Sustainable Cleaning Fluid Options are Here

We have TCE replacements, nPB replacements and Perc replacements to help improve worker safety and reduce environmental impact. The goal is that the sustainable replacements for TCE, Perc or nPB solvents deliver cleaning results as good as or better than the old one in a safer and more environmentally-friendly way.