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A Growing Business

MicroCare is based in New Britain, Connecticut, USA, which is about 100 miles/150 km northeast of New York City. MicroCare was established to meet the demand for perfectly clean products in the electronics and the metal finishing industries. The first MicroCare critical cleaning products were aerosol solvents for defluxing circuit boards. Today, MicroCare serves customers in electronics assembly,  medical device manufacturing, aerospace and military applications, photonics, injection molding, additive manufacturing, telecommunications and other important markets.  Watch how MicroCare has grown and evolved through the years.

MicroCare Cares

MicroCare supports local charitable organizations and events that are near and dear to our hearts, especially those that work in the areas of health, education, and environment.
To help fulfill our mission, we contribute a portion of our profits yearly. We also rely on the generous donations of our employees’ time and money. Thanks to this combined effort, we hope to make a powerful difference in the communities where we live and work and to enrich the lives of all involved.

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Trust the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab

You can rely on the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab chemists and field engineers. Through on-site consulatation and in-lab cleaning trials, we help you identify the best cleaning fluid for your perfectly cleaned parts.


Conduct a comprehensive audit of your current cleaning process.


Perform cleaning tests at our lab on your parts with various chemistries and procedures.


Recommend the best cleaning fluid and process improvements to achieve the lowest cost-per-part-cleaned.


Before any changes are made, run "pilot” tests at your facility with your solvents, equipment, and staff.


Continue to ensure your cleaning process remains stable, safe and cost-effective over the years.

The Best Critical Cleaning Products For You

At MicroCare, we develop products that deliver faster, safer, better and more cost-effective cleaning. We are the only company in the industry that sells and supports all the modern cleaning fluid options, including the exciting new ultra-low-global-warming HFO fluids. Our product breadth means you get the products that work best for your application, not the products that happen to be in stock.

Continuous Evolution

Our emphasis on continuous evolution and research has propelled MicroCare to the forefront of innovation. We are proud to have been the first to introduce manual PCB cleaning products based on chemistries that replaced older, troublesome, fluids. We also invented the TriggerGrip™ cleaning system — a unique PCB cleaning tool that improves cleaning quality, minimizes labor costs and reduces the environmental impact of cleaning products.


Latest Technologies

For high-speed automated cleaning, we have developed a host of cleaning formulations that use the simplicity, power and convenience of modern vapor degreasing to deliver perfectly clean parts. With a focus on helping customers clean better with less waste, we developed numerous solvents that have been awarded patents for advanced vapor degreasing technologies, including co-solvent and bi-solvent options.

Vapor Degreasing

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