ProWash™ Multi-purpose Instrument Detergent and Cart Wash

Product Information

Multi-purpose neutral detergent to clean surgical instruments and medical devices


  • Effective cleaning for light to moderate bioburden
  • Manual cleaning and presoak
  • Ultrasonic instrument cleaning devices
  • Automated washers in main cleaning cycle
  • Automated cart washers
  • Delicate instrumentation, aluminum containers
  • Ideal for applications where enzymatic detergents are contraindicated such as ophthalmic (eye) instruments


  • Premium neutral pH multi-purpose detergent with surfactants and anti-corrosives
  • Tested for use in automated washers
  • Broad material compatibility including aluminum, gold, brass, copper
  • Formulated for use in hard water conditions with chelating and free-rinsing agents
  • Meets ASORN guidelines as an effective alternative to enzymatic detergents when reprocessing ophthalmic (eye) instruments
  • FAQ: Download
  • Larger sizes available upon request.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image PW128-1 1 PW128-1 Plastic Gallon 3.8 L 1 Gallon
Product Image PW050-1 1 PW050-1 Plastic Drum 19 L 5 Gallons
Part Number PW128-1 PW050-1
Package Plastic Gallon Plastic Drum
Size 3.8 L 1 Gallon 19 L 5 Gallons
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Dilution Ratios 1 oz. per gallon of water in manual and ultrasonic systems. ½ oz. to 1 oz. per gallon of water in automated washer / decontaminators based on water quality.
pH 8.5
Temperature of Use In manual applications use 90° to 120°F (32° to 49°C). In automated systems follow washer manufacturer’s instructions or settings. Best results obtained at 120° to 160°F (49° to 71
Odor Fresh.
Color Green.
Shelf Life 3 year shelf-life, expiration date printed on product.

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet

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