How-to Connect and Disconnect the TriggerGrip Video Cleaning Tool

Here's the best way to connect and disconnect the TriggerGrip PCB Cleaning Tool. We urge all our  customers to watch this brief video and learn the proper method to safely connect and disconnect the tool on MicroCare aerosol PCB cleaners. Learn tips on the fastest way to connect the TriggerGrip the aerosol can and then the right way to disconnect it when the can is empty. Even more importantly, see tips on what NOT to do when connecting and disconnecting the TriggerGrip as you look to save money and improve your benchtop cleaning. The TriggerGrip cleaning tool enhances worker safety, reduces waste and cuts production costs during rework and repair in electronics assembly. MicroCare products will speed the entire SMT production process: stencil printers, reflow ovens, at QC inspection and at the rework/repair area. Look to MicroCare and Discover Perfectly Clean.