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What is ACID Magic?

ACID Magic is a full strength muriatic-based product formulated to ship, use, and store easier than standard, full-strength muriatic acid. 

How does ACID Magic compare to muriatic acid?

ACID Magic cleans, clarifies, and etches like standard 20° Baume, 31.45% standard muriatic acid.

What makes ACID Magic so user friendly?

Our special blend of ingredients won’t burn intact skin and reduces corrosive fumes, without diluting the acid. This makes ACID Magic very effective to use both indoors and outdoors for a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance jobs. Always provide active ventilation when working indoors.

What are the most common applications for ACID Magic?

You can use ACID Magic for any job that you would use muriatic and other mild to strong cleaning acids, such as:• Adjusting pool and spa water chemistry.• Cleaning and acid washing pool, spa and deck surfaces.• Cleaning filters, chlorine generators and monitoring probes.• Cleaning shower facilities, locker rooms and restrooms.• Removing rust, scale, mineral…

How do I use ACID Magic?

ACID Magic can be used full strength or diluted up to 20:1, depending on the task at hand. Refer to the instructions on the label as a general guide, or visit or contact customer service at (800) 843-3343 for further assistance. Always test on an inconspicuous area before applying.

On what surfaces can ACID Magic be used?

ACID Magic can be used on most hard surfaces such as concrete, plaster, granite, brick, stone, tile, glass, fiberglass, porcelain, rubber, some metals and most plastics. (Follow label directions and test in an inconspicuous area to check compatibility.)