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Fiber to the Home FTTH Cleaning Tools

For the best results in large and complex FTTH installations, it is essential that the end-faces be perfectly clean. This brief powerpoint suggests the products that work best in the FTTH environment and will keep networks running fast and reliably, at the lowest possible cost.

How-To Guide
Fiber to the Antenna FTTA Cleaning Procedures

The world is mobile, and that means high-bandwidth connectivity to cell phones and tablets, anywhere, everywhere, every time. This demand is overloading the old-style cellular networks that used copper connectivity to the local radio antennas. As a result, companies around the globe are deploying fiber right up the towers and directly to the antennas. For the…

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Dealing with the Effects of Static on Fiber End-faces

This presentation is based on a webinar about cleaning fiber. It offers a look at the best practices used to minimize the problems that static can cause on end-faces. Viewed by more than 800 attendees, the presentation explains the puzzling origins of the static on a fiber end-face. It then shows the problems that static…

How-To Guide
Cleaning Female MPO Fiber End-Faces

This one-page document is a field-friendly 'how to' document explaining the established best practices for cleaning female MPO end-faces. High-density fiber networks are a crucial bottleneck in many network environments, including data centers. But even as high-density connectivity has become THE enabling technology for the cloud, another ugly problem has reared up: the practical need…

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Stereze Hand Sanitizing Style Guide

Choose a Stereze™ Hand Sanitizing product to match your hand sanitzing method.Whether you need hand sanitzers for individual use on-the-go or for large crowds in public spaces, Stereze Hand Sanitizers fit the need. 

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Stereze Hand Sanitizer eGuide

Since the COVID-19 outbreak hand sanitizing is critically important in maintaining the health and safety of yourself, your employees, customers, friends and family. So, it's important you have the facts about safe hand sanitizing.The Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer eGuide includes all you need to know about safe and efficient hand sanitizing. Read FAQs, watch videos, download a…