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Can My Detergent Kill Germs? Navigating the Chemical Dilemma in Sterile Processing
When it comes to Sterile Processing, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of medical instruments is of paramount importance. As contaminated instruments arrive, the journey towards thorough soil removal begins with the use of various detergents. However, complexities arise when we consider the delicate balance between germ-killing and device compatibility in the "dirty" decontamination process.
Phil Brockelman Named New Strategic Account Executive for Precision Cleaning
MicroCare is excited to announce the addition of Phil Brockelman to our team as the new Strategic Account Executive for Precision Cleaning. With an impressive career spanning nearly four decades, Phil…
ECOC 2023
The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) is one of the most prestigious and traditional events on optical communications worldwide.  Join the Sticklers™ team to learn how you can get…