Tergo™ HPFR2 High Performance Flux Remover

Product Information

Excels at removing stubborn white residue and difficult no-clean fluxes


  • Cleans solder fluxes, ionic contaminants and particulates
  • Can be used in existing vapor degreasers
  • Specifically formulated to to remove a wide spectrum of no-clean , lead-free and RMA flux residues
  • Eliminates white residue
  • Solvates and displaces stubborn organic and inorganic soils


  • Two-part, co-solvent /bi-solvent vapor degreasing cleaning fluid formulation combines a low boiling, volatile cleaning fluid with a non-volatile cleaning additive
  • On start up, the vapor degreaser will be charged with Tergo HPFR2 (Rinsing agent). The Tergo HPFR2 Additive (a concentrated non-volatile additive) is added to the boil sump only. One 16 oz. bottle of additive should be added  to the boil sump for every pail of Tergo HPFR2 that the boil sump is charged with 
  • Tergo HPFR2 (Rinse agent) contains only the volatile portion of the cleaning agent and acts as the vapor and rinse solution. As the cleaning process is utilized, the Tergo HPFR2 Additive (non-volatile cleaning agent) and soils are concentrated in the boil sump while the volatile portion circulates by distillation between the boil and rinse sumps.  Distillation of the rinse fluid provides a constant stream of clean solvent for final rinsing
  • Fo use with a vapor degreaser with one boil and at least one rinse sump
  • Chemical stability eliminates the need for acid acceptance testing and scavengers
  • With a low surface tension, low viscosity and high density, it cleans great under tight-fitting cicuitry and inside tight, complex spaces
  • Very good compatibility with plastics and elastomers
  • Nonflammable for facility safety

Tergo High Performance Flux Remover 2 (HPFR2) is a patent-pending formulation combining a low boiling, volatile cleaning fluid with a non-volatile cleaning additive.

It is designed specifically to remove stubborn white residues and difficult no-clean fluxes that are often left behind during standard printed circuit board cleaning procedures. This advanced cleaning fluid is also highly effective in cleaning aged or partially polymerized fluxes and pastes.

Users should consult the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional details.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-TPFR2P (Rinse) TPFR2P (Rinse) MCC-TPFR2P (Rinse) Pail 20.4 kg 45 lbs. 19 L 5 Gallons
Product Image MCC-THPFR2APT (Additive) THPFR2APT (Additive) MCC-THPFR2APT (Additive) Bottle 0.45 kg 1 lb. 0.47 L 1 Pint
Product Image MCC-THPFR2D (Rinse) THPFR2D (Rinse) MCC-THPFR2D (Rinse) Drum 226.8 kg 500 lbs. 200 L 55 Gallons
Product Image MCC-THPFR2D (Boil) THPFR2D (Boil) MCC-THPFR2D (Boil) Drum 226.8 kg 500 lbs. 200 L 55 Gallons
Part Number MCC-TPFR2P (Rinse) MCC-THPFR2APT (Additive) MCC-THPFR2D (Rinse) MCC-THPFR2D (Boil)
Package Pail Bottle Drum Drum
Weight 20.4 kg 45 lbs. 0.45 kg 1 lb. 226.8 kg 500 lbs. 226.8 kg 500 lbs.
Size 19 L 5 Gallons 0.47 L 1 Pint 200 L 55 Gallons 200 L 55 Gallons
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Appearance Clear and Colorless
Odor Slight
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) See SDS
Boiling Point 48°C / 108°F (Rinse)
Chemical Family HFE Fluids
F-Gas Compliant
Evaporation Rate <1
Cleaning Strength (Kb) 38 (Rinse)
Active Ingredients Hydrocarbons and HFE Fluids
Flashpoint None
Global Warming Rating (100yr) 274
Ozone Impact Zero
Safety Rating NA
Specific Gravity 1.35
Surface Tension 18 dyn/cm (Rinse)
Viscosity 0.34
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC 360.4 (Rinse)

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet