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Vertrel™ X-P10 Specialty Fluid

Product Information

Vertrel™ X-P10 Solvent Drying Specialty Fluid leaves surfaces dry and residue-free


  • Removes traces of water for fast, reliable, spot-free cleaning
  • Dries moisture from under tight-fitting PCB components
  • Removes water from inside parts with blind holes
  • Drying, precision cleaning, and rinsing of fine particulate matter (submicron range), light soils and fingerprints from plastic, glass and metal parts


  • The fluid is hydrophilic and absorbs the water into the solvent
  • Cleans particulate and ionic soils
  • Offers improved solvency for polar soils
  • Used in traditional vapor degreasers
  • Excellent compatibility with plastic, ceramic and metal components

Vertrel™ X-P10 Solvent Drying Specialty Fluid is used in a process generally called 'solvent drying.' The absorption drying function of the fluid is enhanced by the superior wetting of surfaces on the parts being dried. Although it is not an azeotrope, compositional changes stabilize the fluid within the safe operating range. 

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-XP10GL XP10GL MCC-XP10GL Glass (Sample Only) 1.36 k 3 lbs. 1 Liter 1 quart
Product Image MCC-XP10G XP10G MCC-XP10G Metal 4.5 k 10 lbs. 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon
Product Image MCC-XP10P XP10P MCC-XP10P Pail 25 k 55 lbs. 19 Liters 5 Gallon
Product Image MCC-XP10D XP10D MCC-XP10D Drum 272 k 600 lbs. 200 Liters 55 Gallon
Package Glass (Sample Only) Metal Pail Drum
Weight 1.36 k 3 lbs. 4.5 k 10 lbs. 25 k 55 lbs. 272 k 600 lbs.
Size 1 Liter 1 quart 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon 19 Liters 5 Gallon 200 Liters 55 Gallon
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Technical Details

Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Odor Slight, ethereal
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) 200
Boiling Point 54°C / 129°F
Chemical Family HFC
Evaporation Rate Very fast
Cleaning Strength (Kb) Low (Kb <30 est.)
Active Ingredients HFC, IPA Alcohol
Flashpoint None
VOC Organic Content (g/L) 142
Ozone Impact Zero
Safety Rating NA
Specific Gravity 1.42
Surface Tension 14.1 N/m
Viscosity 0.47 mPa
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC 238