Does MicroCare have 3M™ Novec™ Replacement Fluids?

MicroCare offers an extensive line of replacement fluids for 3M™ Novec™ Specialty Fluids

3M™ recently announced that it will discontinue manufacturing all fluoropolymers, fluorinated fluids, and PFAS-based additive products by the end of 2025. This includes their line of specialty fluids including Novec™ 7100, 71DE, 7200, 72DE, 72DA, 73DE and others.

For those currently using those specialty fluids, it's important to start planning a change-over to alternatives to the Novec Specialty Cleaning Fluids. MicroCare offers a number of excellent replacements for the 3M Novec Specialty Fluids including:

MicroCare also offers replacement alternatives for many of the 3M Novec areosol cleaners, flux removers and degreasers incluing:

Our 3M Novec replacments have similar, if not superior cleaning performance to the Novec Specialty Fluids and clean a wide variety of soils including oil, grease, particles, inks, fingerprints and more. Additionally, our Novec replacements have similar, if not identical compatibility profiles to help prevent damage to delicate materials.

The MicroCare Novec replacement fluids also offer the following benefits. 

  • The Novec Speciality Fluid replacements are azeotropes, making them chemically stable in both vacuum and vapor degreasers
  • The alternatives to Novec cleaning fluids are nonflammable, making them safe to use, handle and store without special explosion-proof equipment
  • The drop-in Novec replacements are domestically formulated and produced in New Briatin, CT. They are readily available, with plenty of capacity to ensure supply, for immediate shipment without importing issues or long waits
  • The Novec alternative cleaning fluids boast low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) ratings to help reduce greenhouse gas effects and meet strict regional air quality regulations
  • Novec replacements come with extensive MicroCare technical support with ongoing training and advice to make your transition to a Novec alternative fluid a healthy success for the planet, your workers and your bottom line

In most cases, the MicroCare Novec solvent replacements use your existing vapor degreaser. After emptying and cleaning your equipment, the replacement for the Novec fluid "drops in" to your degreaser without a major change to your cleaning process. That means you won’t have to re-train operators on an entirely new process.

Don't get caught short without an alternative to your Novec cleaning fluid. Plan your transition now, before the Novec specialty fluid stock starts to run low. Contact us today and discuss with our experts which MicroCare fluid (Tergo™, MicroCare, Vertrel™ or Opteon™) is right for you. We can guide you through the entire transition process and help you find a Novec replacement fluid that is already field-tested with proven cleaning performance with the least disruption to your cleaning processes and budget.

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