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5 Ways Vapor Degreasing Boosts Your Clean Room Productivity
February 15, 2024

In medical device manufacturing, adherence to stringent cleanliness standards is paramount. Cleanroom managers navigate a delicate balance, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality controls and customer specifications, all while striving to maintain optimal productivity and profitability.

Modern Cleaning Fluids: Streamlining Device Cleaning Processes

The manufacturing process for most medical devices necessitates thorough cleaning to remove particulate matter, oils, or inorganic contaminants accumulated during production. This is particularly critical for devices with intricate assemblies and delicate components, where cleanliness directly impacts patient safety and product performance. Solvent-based cleaning fluids, when used within vapor degreasers, provide a reliable solution for consistent and effective device cleaning.

These modern cleaning fluids, like our line of Tergo™ Performance Fluids, possess unique properties such as low boiling points, high densities, low surface tensions, and low viscosities. These characteristics combine to dissolve contaminants and eliminate particulate, ensuring thorough cleaning of even the most complex parts. Moreover, modern cleaning fluids offer several additional benefits. Here are 5 way vapor degreasing and modern cleaning fluids can boost your clean room productivity. 

  1. Fast Drying for Increased Throughput: By evaporating without leaving residue, modern cleaning fluids facilitate rapid drying of components, enabling higher throughput and minimizing the risk of rework or scrapped parts due to moisture-related issues.
  2. High Purity for Simplified Process Control: With consistently pure formulations, modern cleaning fluids eliminate the need for complex process controls, streamlining initial validation and ongoing monitoring. This ensures process stability and reduces operational costs.
  3. Non-Pyrogenic for Enhanced Sterilization: Unlike water-based cleaners, solvent-based modern cleaning fluids are devoid of water, mitigating the risk of bioburden growth and simplifying subsequent sterilization processes, ultimately reducing time and expense.
  4. Good Materials Compatibility: With high solvency and compatibility across various materials, including metals, ceramics, and plastics, modern cleaning fluids offer versatility and efficiency, minimizing the need for multiple cleaning agents and simplifying inventory management.
  5. Easily Recycled for Waste Reduction: Through continuous recycling within vapor degreasers, modern cleaning fluids minimize waste generation and disposal frequency, ensuring consistency and environmental sustainability.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of Modern Fluid Technologies

In conclusion, modern cleaning fluids, coupled with vapor degreasing equipment, represent invaluable assets in the pursuit of efficient and compliant cleanroom manufacturing. By investing in these advanced technologies, you can achieve superior cleaning performance, streamlined processes, and cost savings while ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance. However, it's essential to collaborate with an experienced supplier like MicroCare who understand the unique requirements of cleanroom environments and can provide tailored solutions and expert guidance. With MicroCare and our cutting-edge fluid technologies, you can elevate your cleanroom manufacturing capabilities and stay ahead in a competitive industry landscape.