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Can’t Touch This: The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner
January 15, 2024

Are you ready to take your fiber optic cleaning to a whole new level? We present to you the future of end face cleaning – the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner. Imagine a cleaning tool that supplies 360° full end face cleaning without a single touch. It's not science fiction; it's the game-changing Pro360™.

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ is not just a cleaner; it's a revolution in fiber optic cleaning technology. Here's why it stands out:

Contactless 360° Clean Full End Face Cleaning
Our handheld connector cleaner handset delivers a precise micro-dose of atomized cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurized air onto a fiber optic connector endface. The best part? It makes absolutely no physical contact with the connector, eliminating any risk of scratching or pitting.

Cleans to the Ferrule Edge for Complete Cleaning
Thoroughly clean the end-face right up to the ferrule edge. The Pro360™ leaves your connector perfectly clean and dry, with no contamination migrating into the contact zone to disrupt the optical signal.

Small and Portable, Rready for Anywhere
Compact enough to travel anywhere you need high-performance end face connector cleaning. Whether it's FTTH, FTTA, data centers, or applications in aviation, naval, and the military, the Pro360™ is your reliable cleaning companion. The handset cord storage and carry handle with docking make it easy to transport.

Battery or Line Powered for Cleaning in the Field or at the Bench
Switch between rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or the AC power supply with an international adapter for ultimate cleaning flexibility. 

Multiple Size Adapters for Cleaning Flexibility
The Sticklers™ Pro360™ uses interchangeable cleaning tips to clean 1.25mm, and 2.5mm end faces. Tips for cleaning MPO and 2.0 connectors are in the works. 

Replaceable Cleaning Fluid Cartridge Provides 2,000+ Cleans
Enjoy 2,000+ contactless cleans per no-spill, high-purity cleaning fluid canister. The Pro360™ ensures portability without compromising on fiber cleanliness at the lowest cost per clean.

Safe and Globally Compliant
Containing no hazardous materials, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ ships worldwide by ground, air, or sea without restrictions. 

Ready to elevate your fiber optic cleaning game? Explore the Sticklers Pro360 now and experience the touchless revolution!