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A Job Half Done is as Good as None
November 21, 2022

No one wants a half-painted house, half a haircut or a half-repaired tire…well you get the point. It’s the same for fiber optic end face cleaning.

It’s important to clean the ENTIRE end face to ensure optimum network speeds and performance. Otherwise, contaminants can migrate from the outer regions of the end face and into the core, right where it can block the optical signal. 

The new Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner uses a narrow jet of atomized cleaning fluid and air to clean 100% of the end face – a full 360 degrees, regardless of the end face polish, curvature (flat, convex or concave) and geometry.  It cleans right to the core and beyond.

In just two seconds all microscopic contaminants are lifted and whisked away by the air flow or vaporized as the cleaning fluid evaporates off the end face. The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner removes all of the following…

  • Smoke soot
  • Road dust
  • Construction dirt
  • Moisture
  • Skin oils, salts and particulate

…leaving end faces clean, dry and ready for connecting.

So, don’t leave the job half done. Get complete end face cleaning with the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner.

Sticklers™ offers the widest range of cleaning fluids and tools engineered specifically to meet IEC 61300-3-35 fiber connector cleaning standards. See the entire line here