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Sticklers™ Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner Changes the Way You Clean End Faces Forever
September 19, 2022

The new Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner is the future of high-performance fiber optic end face cleaning. This revolutionary tool quickly and completely cleans dust, oils and other contaminants across the entire end face of both male and female connector ends.  

A hand-held dispensing wand delivers a micro-dose of atomized, high-purity cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurized air onto a fiber optic connector end face. The contamination is either carried away from the end face with the cleaning fluid during the drying process, or dispersed to areas of the connector housing where the trace amounts of contamination remaining will not interfere with or block the optical signal. The end face is left clean and dry after just one cycle.

Other benefits of the new Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner include:

  • Cleans all connector sizes with one unit, no need to carry multiple tools and always have the right size for the job (1.25mm; 2.5mm; 1.6mm for military; 2.0mm for broadband; MPO/MTP in various fiber counts and Hi Density (SN, CS, MDC, MMC-VSFF)
  • Portable for field use and line powered for benchtop
  • 3.5 second cycle, single-push button clean-and-dry speeds productivity
  • Get up to 2,700 cleans per cleaning fluid cartridge (3-5 times more than Click-to-Clean Tools) without the repetitive clicking motion
  • Fewer cleaning fluid cartridge change-outs means less inventory to stock and no more plastic tool refills going to the landfill
  • Provides the lowest cost per end face cleaning
  • Exceeds the IEC 61300-3-35 standard for end face cleaning

Compact enough to clip to a worker’s utility belt, the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner travels anywhere you need high-performance end face cleaning. Use it for FTTH, FTTA and data centers as well on connectors used in naval, aviation and military applications.

It is classified as non-hazardous and non-regulated for transport by air, sea and ground. Containing less than 3 fluid ounces, the Pro360™ can be carried through TSA screening.

The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charging station, an AC power supply w/international adapter, a cleaning fluid cartridge, fixtures to clean 1.25mm, and 2.5mm connectors, and a rugged case for storage and transport.

The game-changing Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner provides up to 2,700 contactless cleans per each hermetically sealed solvent cartridge; giving fiber installers, contractors and network engineers the portability they want and the fiber cleanliness they demand, all at the lowest cost per clean.

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