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Best Practices for Fiber Optics Disaster Recovery
September 10, 2021
September is National Preparedness Month, and rightfully so. September is rife with severe weather events we need to be prepared for. Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, ice storm, fire, earthquake, tornado, mud slide or other unplanned catastrophe, all can cause a significant threat to fiber optic networks across the globe. Of course, each disaster requires a different response to repair and restore a network, but here are some general guidelines to follow.
How A Cleaning Problem Turned into a New Product
August 10, 2021
One of the things we are most proud of here at Microcare is our ability to find answers to our customers’ most challenging cleaning problems. For one particular MicroCare customer it was removing especially tenacious greases from gears and bearings without leaving residue. Read on to learn how the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab not only solved the problem, but developed a new cleaning fluid in the process.
Vapor Degreasing Supports Your Cleanroom Process Validation
July 08, 2021
To meet cleanroom validation criteria, your cleaning process must be consistent, easy-to-use and compatible with your established cleanroom procedures. Vapor degreaser cleaning is a well-engineered cleaning method that is simple, predictable and repeatable, making it easy to qualify and validate for medical device manufacturing.
Stop Using IPA to Clean Your PCBs: 4 Reason Why
June 03, 2021
PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) need to be clean to perform their best. IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) has been used for PCB cleaning since the 1970s. But IPA might not be the best option. Here’s some reasons why.
How to Choose a Hand Sanitizer - Safe is the New Clean™
May 06, 2021
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people are buying more hand sanitizing products for their facilities. This led to a deluge of thousands of new brands of sanitizers entering the market.