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Sticklers Fiber Cleaning Tools: Engineered for Success
April 27, 2023
As you know, fiber optic network reliability and efficiency depend on their proper maintenance and cleaning.
Cross Contamination: Protect the Connector Pair
March 06, 2023
Are you tired of dealing with network issues and costly maintenance? Don't underestimate the power of a pair of clean and contaminant-free end faces.
Beware: Fiber Optic Network Contamination is Everywhere
February 16, 2023
Fiber contamination comes from a variety of sources. Vehicle emissions, HVAC outputs, plant pollen, cardboard box particles, construction dirt, and human fingerprints.
Modern Fiber Networks Need Modern Cleaning Methods
January 18, 2023
Even the smallest contaminant can be disastrous for a modern fiber optic network.
Solving a Sticky Situation with Wet-to-Dry Fiber End Face Cleaning
December 12, 2022
Fiber experts agree that many fiber network connectivity problems are caused by dust contamination. Although a speck of dust is typically just microns in size, and only visible with a magnification inspection scope, it still interferes with the network’s light path as it passes between two mated end faces. The light signal weakens, slows down the network speed or results in unacceptable data transmission losses. This often requires expensive and disruptive emergency rollbacks to troubleshoot and remove the contamination.
Fiber End Face Cleaning: A Job Half Done is as Good as None
November 21, 2022
No one wants a half-painted house, half a haircut or a half-repaired tire…well you get the point. It’s the same for fiber optic end face cleaning. It’s important to clean the ENTIRE end face to ensure optimum network speeds and performance. Otherwise, contaminants can migrate from the outer regions of the end face and into the core, right where it can block the optical signal.