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4 Types of PCB Contaminants and How to Remove Them
May 18, 2022
Dirty PCBAs are vulnerable to damaging parasitic leakage, electrochemical migration, delamination, shorting and dendrite growth. So, it’s important to know the type of contamination on your PCBAs and how to remove it.
Swellex™ Speeds Medical Device Making
April 11, 2022
Attaching tubes to medical device fittings during manufacturing can be difficult and slow. This is where swelling agents like Swellex™ play a key role.
Presaturated Wipes – Three Things to Consider
January 27, 2022
When it comes to pre-saturated wipes, the smallest things can make a big difference. Some may not be obvious at first glance, but they do play a part in cleaning outcomes. There are three things to consider when choosing the best pre-saturated wipe for the job. They are material, fluid formulation and packaging.
Five Other Benefits of Swellex™ Swelling Fluid
November 19, 2021
Swellex™ Swelling fluid helps simplify medical device assembly by making it easier to join silicone, polyurethane or other thermoelastic tubing to rigid plastic or barbed fittings. This speeds assembly times, increasing throughput and boosting your overall productivity. But there are other advantages too.
Modern Cleaning Methods for Modern PCBs
October 11, 2021
PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) have changed over the decades and cleaning fluids and methods need to keep pace. Increased packaging density, the introduction of new materials and more stringent environmental requirements makes cleaning modern PCBs challenging. Fortunately, there are cleaning fluids and methods to help. Here are some examples.
Best Practices for Fiber Optics Disaster Recovery
September 10, 2021
September is National Preparedness Month, and rightfully so. September is rife with severe weather events we need to be prepared for. Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, ice storm, fire, earthquake, tornado, mud slide or other unplanned catastrophe, all can cause a significant threat to fiber optic networks across the globe. Of course, each disaster requires a different response to repair and restore a network, but here are some general guidelines to follow.