Alternatives to Ozone- Depleting HCFC-225 as Global Phase-Out Nears

The phase-out of the last major ozone-depleting solvent, HCFC-225, finally has begun. This is going to be good for the planet but tough for companies with complex cleaning requirements.

“The good news,” reports David Ferguson, Product Manager at MicroCare Corp., “is that the industry is meeting the call to develop new cleaning alternatives. In the past two years we have seen more new chemistries come out of the lab and onto the market than we saw in the entire decade before.”

But none of the alternatives are a “slam-dunk,” according to Barbara Kanegsberg, President of BFK Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in precision cleaning issues. “Anybody who does not have a cleaning alternatives strategy needs to be developing one urgently, and telling his boss to budget for it, right now,” Kanegsberg concludes.

Let’s take a look at the story behind this unusual product, some of the candidates being proposed to replace it, and ways companies can rigorously and systematically develop a plan to make the conversion to ozone-safe cleaning. Read More About it Here...