Dixon Tan is Technical Speaker on Fiber Optic Maintenance Best Practices

Dixon Tan, Business Manager for Sticklers™, was a technical speaker at the Data Center Technologies Summit in Bangladesh this week. Dozens of attendees were on-hand for Dixon’s presentation “Best Practices for Maintaining Fiber Optic Connectors for Optimal Performance”.

“Bangladesh is rapidly expanding overall and within the telecommunications industry specifically. They are poised to become the 26th largest economy in the world, up from their current 42nd position,” Dixon said. “This is an excellent time for the Sticklers™ team to offer their fiber optic cleaning expertise to both the Bangladesh private and government sectors looking to build and improve their network performance”.

Sticklers™ was a proud bronze level sponsor at the Data Center Technologies Summit. The summit brought together thousands of data center industry experts from around the globe to network, share their knowledge and develop their skills. Sticklers was on-hand with a comprehensive display of products to help clients get unmatched fiber network performance and reliability.