Emily Peck Recognized as Industry Standout

Congratulations to Emily Peck, MicroCare Senior Chemist. She is a Product Finishing Magazine Forty under 40 award winner for her outstanding work in the field of precision metal cleaning.

Emily leads laboratory research and development work on new, precision cleaning fluids used to replace chlorinated solvents, which face increased global safety and environmental regulations.

She develops innovative chemical formulations to help customers clean and dry metal parts better, faster and safer. Emily also recommends cleaning processes  for MicroCare customers. They send their soiled parts and products to the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab for help in challenging cleaning applications.

Emily shares her critical cleaning expertise at various trade shows and other industry events. She routinely presents technical talks for industry trade group symposiums. She also authors technical papers on the topic of industrial cleaning fluids/processes and contributed over 15 technical articles published in trade journals in North America and Europe last year.

In addition, Emily manages quality control operations for MicroCare. She also oversees the MicroCare summer laboratory intern program for college students majoring in Chemistry related disciplines.

Emily joined MicroCare in 2016 and is recently promoted to MicroCare Lab Manager. She graduated Stonehill College and then went on to Tufts University. Emily earned her BS in Chemistry with a minor in mathematics and an MS in Physical Chemistry. She is an active member of the SMTA CT Chapter.

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