Fiber Optic Clean and Inspection Kits Featured at ECOC 2019

The ECOC (European Conference on Optical Communication) Exhibition was a success for the Sticklers™ Team. This years’ event was held on September 23-25, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

In its 45th year, ECOC is the leading European conference in the field of optical communication and one of the longest running events in the industry.

The booth was filled with a diverse range of people stopping by including product developers, sales managers and fiber optic trainers from companies worldwide.

“ECOC is an important exhibition for Sticklers™ as it attracts visitors not just from the European territory, but throughout the world,” said Scott Wells, General Manager for MicroCare Europe. “We met with customers and potential customers from Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The Sticklers™  brand is respected and well-known within the industry. Both the products and the Sticklers team are held in high regard and many people visited the booth to speak with our fiber cleaning specialists.

There was heavy interest and good response to our fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits that include all the tools and fluids for technicians to “Inspect, Clean, Inspect” fiber optic end faces during installation and maintenance.