Great Precision Cleaning Event in Stuttgart Kicks Off

The remarkable Parts2Clean Expo kicked off yesterday (Oct 24th) at the Stuttgart International Exhibition Center in southern Germany. This is THE leading international trade fair focused on precision cleaning and MicroCare had a large and highly visible stand at the show. Traffic was very busy.

The 2017 event, from feedback from MicroCare staff at the show, is looking to be one of the strongest performances in the expo’s 14-year history. The show has around 200 exhibitors with an exhibition space of some 6,800 square meters (over 73,000 sq. ft.). Attendance is estimated to be 10,000+ visitors.

The laser-like focus of the show is the key to it’s success; everybody who attends is interested in learning more about better cleaning at lower costs. MicroCare probably is the leading representative of solvent cleaning, but other vendors are exhibiting aqueous cleaning choices, hydrocarbon cleaners, CO2 cleaners and a wide variety of other technologies. The winning formula for the show also includes the ever-popular “Expert Forum” with its richly varied and informative lineup of presentations on various parts cleaning topics.

We’ll post more photos and videos as they come in from our team.