“Keyless” Sticklers® MPO CleanClicker® Speeds Data Center Operations

BICSI Booth #1039

(New Britain, CT) The Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning team will be showcasing another innovation at BICSI Winter 2017 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa FL from Jan 22-26. This innovation will grab the attention of installers using MPO interconnects. The new “keyless” MPO CLEANCLICKER® 600 cleaning tool from Sticklers® will make it far easier to clean MPO connectors in high density applications.

IEC 61754-7 is the industry standard for MPO connectors which requires the connectors to have an alignment key on the MPO connector and adapter for maintaining signal polarity. Earlier versions of MPO cleaning tools used the same design for cleaning angled polished single mode MPO connectors. But in today’s densely-configured data centers, central offices and head-ends, there is a desire by network designers to aggregate more MPO connections into the 1RU footprint. The alignment key impedes this goal.

The new Sticklers® MPO CLEANCLICKER 600 tool utilizes a new contact spring that does not require the alignment key for controlling the flow of the cleaning ribbon on angled polished MT ferrules. Because the orientation key is eliminated from the CLEANCLICKER tip, the tool can easily be inserted in either direction. This enables the operator to insert the cleaner into the adapter in any position that keeps the cleaning ribbon spools clear of floors, ceilings, doors and cable routing features on the panel.

The Sticklers® MPO CLEANCLICKER® 600 cleaner is a translucent, bright orange cleaning tool engineered for cleaning both male and female MPO connectors, both on truck assemblies and in the adapter and transceivers. The ribbon flows in an upward direction which makes it cable of cleaning 12, 24, 48 and other fiber count MT ferrules with the standard 12 fiber arrays. With more than 600 cleanings in each tool, this is a time-saving, quality-improving tool widely used around the globe.