MedTec UK - Solid Success for MicroCare Medical

(March 9, 2015. From Leeds, UK) The MEDTEC UK 2015 expo has come and gone and it was a very good show for MicroCare Medical. In previous years, the MedTec show was a little under-attended perhaps due to the move from Birmingham to London. But, for 2015, we are pleased to report this was a good event, with around 120 exhibitors and an estimated 4,000 attendees.

Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said “This was the best MEDTEC UK event since the move to London.” He noted the number of overseas visitors seemed to be higher than in previous years, which may be due to improvement in the quantity and quality of the industry seminars the expo offered.

People come to these shows because they have problems to solve; problems usually involving performance, costs or regulatory issues. MicroCare Medical products nicely answer those worries for many of the attendees at this show. MicroCare had  a flat-screen monitor showing videos explaining our products and also introducing the capabilities of vapor degreasing (which is a popular technique for critical cleaning). It all worked out very nicely, and we were able to have in-depth conversations with visitors about cleaning, coating and lubricating.

There  was an emphasis on new product innovations and new regulatory issues. In the medical device field, these are crucial. Also, the audience at the seminars were provided headsets so they could hear the speakers without blasting the speeches throughout the convention center; this made the exhibit spaces much more pleasant. Good job to the folks at Medtec for that innovation!

In short, there were many opportunities at the show to meet UK medical device manufacturers, show them the MicroCare Medical answers, and help them improve their quality while lowering their costs. We’re looking forward to 2016.