Meet the MicroCare Chemistry Bee

MicroCare is proud to support Bees Across New Britain.

This public art project was inspired by our City's proud industrial heritage and the 'worker bees who fill the hive and enjoy the honey '.

MicroCare sponsored one of dozens of the 6-foot fiberglass bees that will be on display throughout New Britain. Charles Tersulo, a local artist, painted the MicroCare “Chemistry Bee” with our MicroCare logo and chemistry symbols.

The Bees Across New Britain event is in the same spirit as the 'cow parade' that took place throughout several US cities a few years ago.

The bee project is designed to enhance the perception of New Britain as a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community that supports the arts. The funds raised for the event will go to support the work of the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance and its “” community events.

The bees are currently gathered at the downtown Central Park for the kickoff celebration later this month.

As a “Bee Keeper” MicroCare will adopt the MicroCare Chemistry Bee that will have a permanent home outside our corporate headquarters in the near future.

Click here for a list of all the bee future locations.