MicroCare Chemists Judge at RISE Event

Venesia Hurtubise, MicroCare Technical Chemist and Sam Lindeyer, Microcare Chemist I participated as judges in the 2021 RISE (Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Entrepreneurial) virtual expo this past April. This online event was hosted by Northeastern University where students give presentations to showcase research and creative projects being undertaken by the school's leading students and faculty.

There were 400 presenters, over 100 judges, and 1000+ attendees at the annual event.

According to Hurtubise, this year’s conference went very smoothly.  Students presented to the judges througout the afternoon. She judged five widely varying presentations involving: better understanding the neurological reactions of CBD and THC and how they impact stress and pain; evaluating the use of microbial fuel cells in hydroponic gardens to create self-sustaining vegetable farms; reviewing student reactions to virtual office hours during the COVID pandemic; predicting protein binding with novel software rendering programs; and applying an economic analysis to the development of administrative law.

Lindyer judged six interesting topics including the sociocultural influences on dental health behaviors; developing a program to properly label and correct brain models from CAT scan imaging; the effects of political gaslighting as a mode of manipulation; developing a new type of antibiotic which targets the acetate pathway used in bacterial cell wall development; modelling the environmental impact of switching to high efficiency materials and machines and how that affects the mortality rate from pollution in the U.S. and developing a new coating method for implantable medical devices which uses actual skin cells and noble metals to create a highly durable and bio-safe coating and cut down infection rates.

To see the list of awardees and for more information on the RISE event, click here.