MicroCare Commercializes New, ExtraStrong PCB Cleaner at MDM West 2016

The second major introduction at MDM West in 2016 by MicroCare Corp. is the introduction of a newly-formulated flux remover of exceptional cleaning strength. The new product is the “Polar Flux Remover” which refers to this chemistry’s enhanced ability to remove the ionic (polar) contamination found in fluxes and solder pastes. Customers can test the new product at MDM West at Booth #2922.

The new cleaner has the extra-strength required to clean heavy, aged fluxes common during PCB repairs. It dries quickly and leaves no residues. It works very well on R, RA, RMA, and no-clean fluxes, especially the high-temperature materials that are so difficult to clean. It also is an excellent choice to remove white residues that often form on PCBs after improper cleaning.

The new Polar Flux Remover is an excellent choice for fluxes and also removes solder pastes, inks, oils, light grease and uncured epoxies. It is a superior option to remove adhesives and silicone materials often used on PCBs. While safe on all common electronic components, compatibility testing is recommended before wide-spread deployment. The cleaner is flammable, the evaporation rate is moderate, the aroma is ethereal, and it leaves no residues when it dries. The product is REACH pre-registered and is both WEEE- and ROHS-compliant.

MicroCare will market the new cleaner through authorized distributors globally. Pricing is expected to be highly competitive with any flammable cleaner on the market today. The formulation is available only in aerosol and bulk packaging and is compatible with the unique, money-saving TriggerGrip™ dispensing system.

Learn more at MDM West Booth #2992, or visit www.microcare.com.